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Elevate Steps & Rules


We want you to come up with an idea or project where you demonstrate spreading kindness and positivity in your school. You can do this project as an individual, with a friend or a group of friends, or as a class.  

Here’s what we want you to do: 

1. Come up with an idea of how to spread kindness or positivity in your school. 

2. Put that idea into action in your school or on the bus. (This project idea must be something that could be ongoing, not just a one-time occurrence.) 

3. Create a video telling us about your idea and then show it to us in action, or a photo with a short written description of your project using 300 words or less. Description can be uploaded with photo and emailed to elevate.lifestylepubs.com.  

4. Videos should be no longer than 1 minute in length but can be shorter.  

5. Be sure to get approval from all students who show their face in the video or photo. Each student who shows their face in the video or photo needs a parental consent waiver form signed. When registering, include names of all kids in your video or photo project and provide at least one email contact. 

6. Each school is different, so be sure you have necessary approval prior to uploading the video or photo.  

7. Don’t use your name and or your school’s name in the video or photo. 

8. Direct your parent or guardian to JohnsonCountyLifestyle.com/Elevate to fill out the parent waiver for approval of your participation. This must be done before you are allowed to post a video or photo or you will be disqualified.  Waivers can be emailed to elevate@Lifestylepubs.com and name of project must be on the waiver so they can be easily matched.

9.  Upload your photo file, video file, Vimeo or Youtube file you created to JohnsonCountyLifestyle.com/Elevate. We will screen your video or photo for appropriateness and place your video in our Vimeo format contest for the community to vote on once approved.If you have trouble uploading your video, email elevate@Lifestylepubs.com for assistance.  

10. Once the videos or photos go live, you may share the contest link on your social media sites to encourage friends and family to vote on your video or photo project.  

11. If you worked hard on your video or photo and it didn’t win, you can re-enter the contest for another month for a chance to win again. Just make sure to update the project to show it in action again. 

Good Luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!  


Be sure to go through the checklist below and read the rules carefully so that your video or photo qualifies to be included in our contest. If your video or photo does not meet requirements, we will notify you and allow you to make changes to resubmit for the following month, so be sure to include your email.   

1. Video or photo must reflect an active project that you have come up with and have done in your school or on the bus. This project MUST be something happening at your school with your peers (not an outside service project).  

2. Consent of all parties in the video or photo must be provided. Your school may have a policy on how these are approved. 

3. Videos must be no longer than 1 minute in length but can be shorter.  

4. Videos and photo projects should not be a tool to make fellow students feel bad or singled out. Projects should not point out actual kids who are struggling or who are being bullied. If a project is in poor taste and could potentially hurt or embarrass another student by making them feel targeted or singled out, that project will be disqualified. Ask your school counselor or a teacher if you are unsure if your project falls under this category. 

5. You can submit a new video or photo each month for this contest. A new waiver will need to be signed each time. If you worked hard on a project and it didn’t win, resubmit it, but show us how you are still doing the project. If you win the grand prize of $1000, you may not submit another video or photo during the 2017-2018 school year, unless you are part of a class project.  

6. You can vote one time on each video or photo per IP address. The video or photo at the end of the voting round with the most amount of votes of each contest month is the winner.  The voting round will end on the 15th of each participating month.  

7. Negative comments on a competitor’s video or photo are not allowed and will result in disqualification from participating in the competition.  

8. Parent or guardian waiver must be filled out online in order to participate in the competition.  

9. If your project/video or photo does not meet requirements, we will notify you and let you know why so that you can fix it, so be sure to include an email address when registering. You can adjust your project to meet the expected requirements and resubmit for the following month.